CCR is a holding company which, through its principal subsidiary, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., engages primarily in the mortgage banking business and as such originates, purchases, sells services mortgage loans.
source : Bloomberg


  • Countrywide Credit Medium Term Notes are issued by Countrywide Home Loan Series G MTN.
  • This bond offering provides monthly income which is very useful for many investors.
  • This bond is non-callable until 09/30/01 which provides investors with almost 3 years call protection.
  • Corporate Bonds will fluctuate in value and if sold prior to maturity may be worth more or less than their original price.
  • Bond offering information as of 06/01/99 and is subject to price change and availability.
CouponMaturityCall DateRetail PriceQuantityYTC/YTM
7.000%03/08/18 09/30/01 @ 100100.002007.000%/7.000%