Company History

Riedl First Securities Company of Kansas – How do you improve two of the most prominent underwriting firms in Kansas? Combine them! After the purchase of First Securities in 1995 the two companies were merged in April 1999 to form Riedl First Securities Company of Kansas.

First Securities Company of Kansas, Inc. was founded in 1916. The Firm’s main office has always been located in Wichita, Kansas. Over the past 90+ years the Firm has represented almost every city in the State in the issuance and distribution of their bonds. First Securities has financed roads, schools, utilities, and all types of improvements creating expansion throughout the state.

Riedl & Company was formed in 1991, by Jerry Riedl, Vice President and Director of R.G. Dickinson, by the acquisition of the Dickinson Wichita, Kansas office. In 1993 Riedl & Company became a member of the National Association of Security Dealers and continued its heritage of full service discount stock brokerage with an emphasis on Kansas Tax Exempt bond underwriting.

In 2012, Jerry Riedl sold half the firm to Caesar Naftzger, Vice Chairman. The two continued to serve clients across the United States. In 2015, Jerry Riedl sold the remaining half to Caesar Naftzger who currently serves as President and CEO.

Riedl First Securities has a professional staff with many years of experience in the area of structuring financing of cities, counties, school districts, and companies. The firm acts as financial consultant, advising municipalities and companies on the structuring, and marketing of general obligation and revenue bonds of various types.